Story Catch Up Part 2

Levels 1 & 2 (not played)

The Party starts off in the Kingdom of Helros, which is just north of the “Land of the Kings,” the name the locals have taken to calling the anarchist capitalist region, due to each person from there acting as high and mighty as a King. The Party has been dealing with an uncommon amount of wolves coming down from the Eastern mountains, and has gained a fair amount of reputation as capable warriors. They catch the attention of Prince Hallon, the second son of King Helrod. Prince Hallon expresses great displeasure that his cousin/uncle (family tree is missing a few branches) King Lior has never been avenged. His father, the King, and his older brother, the heir, do not wish to start a war as they rely heavily on the trade with their southern neighbors, as well as fear a bit the power that was able to defeat King Lior so easily. Prince Hallon offers the party 1500 gold pieces to assassinate Telric, the Judge who ordered the King’s execution, and explains that an opportunity has opened up. Telric is close by in the city of Bristol, looking to hire a group of explorers for a task, and the party can pose as interested explorers to get close enough to kill him.

The Party heads south out of the Kingdom of Helros, and into the Land of Kings to the city of Bristol.

Game Notes: The Party receives training, as an award for their service, in the form of rolling 3 hit dice and taking the best result for one of their level-ups.



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