The Party reaches Bristol, a city in the middle of a massive economic boom. An old castle is being torn down in order to provide stone to both grow the city, and strengthen its walls. The Party finds an office of Weights and Measures, which show them that not all gold coins are of equal value. Many kingdoms have been minting impure gold coins, mixed with iron and other metals, and presenting them as full gold coins. As most peasants pay taxes in copper and silver, and most royals pay for services in gold, this has caused a massive transfer in wealth from the lower class to the upper class. This angers the party.

Telric meets with the Party, and asks them to help out a ranger who has come with a tale of strange creatures in the forest, resembling elves. The Party, which now includes the ranger and a priest from Bristol, find and engage these strange elves. They practice powerful magic, able to manipulate their own, and the Party’s spells almost at will. Their movements are blurry and choppy, as if you blink your eyes very fast to give the appearance of slow motion. After being defeating, the bodies hum and sink into the ground save one which was burned with magical fire as it hummed. Telric believes these were ancient Ghelriss, creatures that once raised Elves as a food source before the Purge. Telric has his two advisors study the creature’s remains.

Fully trusting the party, Telric offers the Party to take on an expedition to travel far to the West, into the tribal lands. He wants information on each tribes and also wants each tribe to send a representative to speak with him. Telric will cover all costs of the expedition, as well as reward the party with 150gp for each tribe they make contact with and 500gp if the party can convince them to talk to Terlic. The Party also notices that Telric has two very rare books: a book of Dark Elf magic and a religious textbook from the Dwarves. These books would be worth a vast sum of money.

The Party decides to work with Telric instead of assassinating him, mostly due to their anger at the kings screwing the people over with their impure gold. Telric mentions that a previous expedition has failed, so he’s sparing no expense this time, and giving the party additional training and manpower.

Game Notes:

Each party member is giving the option of learning a customized magic spell, a parrying skill, a precision skill, stonemasonry, or advanced negotiation in the form of Hard Ass, Smart Ass, or Kiss Ass.

Party also has the option to purchase weapons made out of very high quality steel from the fanatical dwarves. These weapons do more damage but have a high cost (which can be offset by working at the castle, tearing down stone).

Party receives a supply wagon, 4 “B” team NPCs that can convert into PCs if any players die.



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