Journey To Bristol

The Party enters the Land of Kings to find that the people there resent titles, and simply call themselves freemen.

On the way to Bristol, the Party stumbles upon a small fishing village in distress, fleeing their homes. They claim that there is a large reptile, resembling a dragon from legends of old, destroying their homes.

The party rests at an Inn along the junction of the road, with lots of merchants and construction going up. At the Inn they meet a man by the name of Gwydion, who wears a strange charm around his neck. The charm is a circle of iron with a sword-like symbol inside the circle of iron. This sword symbol is made out of a crimson material which appears to be flowing yet is as solid as stone. Gwydion introduces himself as a Crimson Blade, with the duty to protect and patrol the roads in this area. The party tells Gwydion of the reptile creatures, and head north to deal with the problem themselves.

After defeating two of the creatures in the fishing village, which turned out to be very large alligators, with the female able to breath fire, Gwydion and his men arrive. The Party shares knowledge of how to defeat the creatures. Gwydion gives the party a sealed writ indicating their heroism, and the two groups split up to look for more of these creatures before others are endangered.

Game Notes: The Party acquired the Writ needed to seek an audience with Telric, along with tough scales that can be formed into armor and two fire-glands from the female reptiles.



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