Kailor and Arrival in Vernon

The Party interrogates the prison and finds out that he is working for a wizard named Kailor. Eager to find out more about this wizard, the party negotiates his release for information on where to find the wizard. The head of the Westhold soldiers, Commander Titus, goes along with the plan as he believes letting one man go in exchange for finding out information on the location of rest of the bandits is a good deal. The Party stages a fake fight, where they take out the Westhold soldiers, to get on the prisoner’s good side. This ploy works.

The prisoner takes the party to the base of operations, where they find Kailor’s house. Kailor explains that Marcus Selentus is a dishonorable scum bag who betrayed his king in the war against the Crimson Blades. Kailor is now leading a resistance group against Marcus and Westhold’s expansion of power. He offers the party 4,000 gold pieces if they can kill Marcus. Kailor also makes amends to Roland Cove, and offers him information about his mother to convince Roland that he’s not the bad guy, but was rather doing an unpleasant job for his former king.

The party is suspicious of the Crimson Blades, Marcus, and Kailor, and are determined to find out more information before taking any sides in this conflict. A message arrives from Telric that two of the assassins were caught. They coughed up information that Sir Darius was their next contact, and that the former nobles of King Lior have a lot of forces in the woods along the road to Westhold. Telric requests a message in return with a status update. The Party gives Telric their position and keeps things vague as they continue to feel out the situation.

The party arrives in Vernon to find it in an economic decline. The people there specialized in intricate woodworking but the demand has dried up as their main customers were rich royalty. Paddock, an elderly man, offers to sell them carved figurines. The party notices that some of these figurines are slightly magical, able to hold spells, and buys them. They try to figure out the source of these figurines but come up empty.

The party leaves Vernon to head to Westhold. On the way there they are attacked by a half dozen skilled warriors and come out victorious.



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