Kailor and the Journey to Vernon

The Party wakes up from the Gregory illusion traps to find themselves paralyzed by Kailor the Wizard. Kailor tells the party that the rather than operate under the Crimson Blades’ idea of justice, he instead will give them the King’s justice. He compares the two laws by saying the Crimson Blades would allow him to kill intruders into his property, but he thinks that’s too harsh and instead will just take enough money from the party to repair the damage they did to his home, plus allow the party to offer up something to him as a lesson. He lets one party go for telling a joke, and takes very little from the others. After resolving the break-in, he teleports the party members back to Needleton.

Gunson and the Party think its very odd that they got off so easily by Kailor. Gunson explains that Kailor was a former wizard at the court of King Lior that specialized in information gathering. He headed up a medieval version of the CIA of sorts. The Party’s priest, Roland Cove, confirmed Gunson’s story about Kailor as he was once a prisoner under Kailor.

Gunson gives the party a sealed writ and tells the party that when they get to Westhold, they will be able to have an audience with Marcus Selentus – the leader of that city.

The Party leaves Needleton and heads west down the road to Vernon. Two days away from Vernon, they see a merchant on the road who is being surrounded by men in the woods, apparently setting up an ambush. The Party engages the men in the woods, and heavily armed men emerge from the merchant’s wagon to join the fight. After defeating the “bandits” and taking one prisoner, the party learns the men are from Westhold, patrolling the roads to help rid the area of the plague of thieves.



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